Past YN Meetings


2011 - Innsbruck, Austria
2012 - Innsbruck, Austria
2013 - Neuro-oncology (London, UK)
2014 - Challenges for the Vascular Neurosurgeon (London, UK)
2015 - Dilemmas and Controversies in Neuro-oncology and Skull Base Surgery (San Sebastian, Spain)

2016 - Posterior Fossa and the Cranio-Cervical Junction (London, UK)

2017 - The Spinal Cord (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

2018 - Neuro-oncology (Oxford, UK)



"Great meeting, great faculty."

"I especially enjoyed the group discussions. As an almost board certified neurosurgeon I like a case-based approach ...  the difficulty for me right now is to tranfer the knowledge onto the individual cases."

"Liked breakout sessions, ethics, group discussions."

"Very welcoming group ... Thank you for organising such an in-depth but intimate event."

"During the case discussions I also learned about the different approaches between the countries which was both interesting and sometimes a little shocking..."